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Return to Outreach Area Evangelism Story: Last weekend, being an extended weekend, we went up to Blenheim to visit some of our customers. While on an outreach I had sold a set of medical books to a lovely elderly couple. “Please come back and see us,” the lady had said as I left. Unfortunately, I went up there without her address. Bernard, the minister, wanted to go into the garden centre, and there to my delight was the little lady. She gave me a beautiful smile. “We've used those books. My husband has been diagnosed with kidney stones. That helped us understand what it is all about.” They are in their 80s!

While working one day I saw two ladies struggling with heavy bags of fruit, so I offered them a ride home. Kroupa is a lovely Indian lady married to Brian Bedrock, an artist. They love the Lord. Of course, I invited them to the Armstrong Discovery Show and they came. They greeted me each night. It was thrilling to see our customers at the meetings. Bernard has now begun Bible studies with them! - Collette Brown, New Zealand